Welcome to A Room of Our Own: A Feminist/ Womanist Network.

This space is for women (trans-inclusive) to share their writing; we are fighting cultural femicide by sharing women’s writings, experiences and musings. We will also host blogs by women artists, poets, photographers, comedians and any other art form used by women to define themselves. This network was inspired by feminist activist and writer Bidisha who coined the term cultural femicide to define the erasure of women from politics, art, literature and history:

The reason I am a women’s cultural advocate is because of the marked, obvious and ubiquitous belittlement, marginalisation and under-representation of women in culture and particularly the literary scene, despite women being the vast and overwhelming majority of supporters of all arts both within and without the industry. Some call it the glass ceiling, I call it cultural femicide.

The only criteria we have for membership is that you self-define as a feminist or a womanist. It doesn’t matter what you blog about – hockey, parenting, donuts or feminist theory – as long as you are a feminist, you are welcome here. We expect that members will have fundamentally different definitions of feminism/ womanism. We believe these differences are worth exploring, debating and celebrating. We welcome links to blogs which haven’t been updated in a while, as well as brand new blogs.  We include traditional ‘blogs’ as created on blogger or wordpress, as well as Tumblr, Facebook pages, Youtube pages etc. We also welcome links to feminist campaigns and campaigns which aren’t labelled feminist but whose origins are in feminist theory.

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